Adults Ages 13+ Self Defense

Competitive Edge Karate Adults Ages 13+ Self Defense

Adult Self-Defense:

With A Proven & Functional Self Defense System.

Having thorough knowledge and experience in self-defense is essential to adult life. Not only will our training teach you how to avoid dangerous situations and provide you with the tools needed to protect yourself from potential attackers, but it will also give you a unique sense of confidence. Knowing that you have the ability to defend yourself if necessary will allow you to feel safer in your day-to-day life and will increase your independence.

Many people never step foot in a dojo because they are intimidated by the idea of learning self-defense. Not only is this fear holding you back from reaching your highest potential, but is potentially putting your life in danger.

Competitive Edge Karate Adults Ages 13+ Self Defense

Health – Fitness – Safety:

Studying martial arts is something that anyone at any age or fitness level can do. These classes are fun, empowering, and provide a great workout for adults. Whether you want to defend yourself, get fit, or just have fun, we have something to offer for everyone at every level. Competitive Edge Karate’s self-defense classes will not only teach you how to defend yourself, but the proper techniques to prevent injury and provide a higher quality of professional training. We teach techniques focused on striking with the hands, feet, elbows, knees, as well as blocking. Each training session will give you a complete combination of cardio, strength, and flexibility training, while relieving stress. Your focus will increase, developing a higher energy level and overall confidence.

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Adults Ages 13+ Kickboxing

Competitive Edge Karate Adults Ages 13+ Kickboxing

It’s you, your gloves, the bag and your inner champion:

Kickboxing is an explosive, power endurance sport. Executing kicks and punches, round after round, hitting the heavy bag or boxing mitts challenges your power & endurance. Kickboxing is one of the most physically demanding sports of all. The skill enhancement portion of your workout will consist of shadow boxing, heavy bag work, and focus mitts drills with a partner. Defense is an integral part of a boxer’s skill set. Having the basic defensive techniques is essential to your development as a fighter. Learn how to slip and block kicks & punches to improve reaction time like a championship.

Our fun, high-energy classes, provides a safe training environment for all students.

Competitive Edge Karate Adults Ages 13+ Kickboxing

 Ready To Begin Your Journey, Take Your First Step:

All Beginner and Advance Students. Classes are structured in a way that all students can progress at there your own  pace. With a focus on the fundamentals of kickboxing techniques, improving your strength and fitness level, building mental and emotional well being, these classes are the perfect way to get and stay in shape. Kickboxing is not just an incredibly rewarding martial art to practice, it is also a form of exercise that is sure to push you out of your comfort zone. Whether you dream of becoming the next WKA champion, want to find an alternative to your gym membership, or are looking for a new method of self-defense, we have the perfect class for you.

Competitive Edge Karate Adults Ages 13+ Kickboxing

Mental Edge:

When we’re talking about fitness, strength, and self defense, we can’t forget to talk about mental sharpness.

And lucky for you, Kickboxing is just as good for the brain as it is for the body! Kickboxing places a unique emphasis on meditation and focus, pushing students to be aware of their surroundings and teaching them to concentrate on the most important aspects of an altercation even in a heated Kickboxing is known for its ability to tone and build strength in nearly every part of your body. It engages your arms, legs, abs, shoulders, and glutes all at once! Kickboxing puts serious stress on all of these muscle areas, building strength quickly.

Additionally, thanks to its heavy use of cardio, Kickboxing burns tons of calories and aids in major weight loss (but not muscle mass loss of course)! All around, Kickboxing is perfect for strengthening and vitalizing the entire body. You’ll find yourself feeling and looking stronger, healthier, and happier.

These benefits will carry over into all other areas of your athletic training, work performance, and personal life or stressful moment.

Competitive Edge Karate Adults Ages 13+ Kickboxing

Experience Makes The Difference:

Head Coach Dabney has over 45 years of martial arts,  kickboxing and boxing experience.

His personal accomplishments include: 1981 Amateur Featherweight Kickboxing Champion; Member of the 1984 United States 3-Man Karate Team, 1994 Virginia Welterweight Professional Kickboxing Champion, (PKC) Ranked in the Top Ten in the World in 1994.

Coach Dabney spent more than twenty years training in boxing gyms along the east coast as an amateur and professional boxer & kickboxer. He has trained with some of the top boxing coaches and then returned back to Richmond, VA to share his knowledge. As a coach he has amassed (17) State and National Kickboxing Titles and (1) World Amateur Kickboxing Title.

Kickboxing places a unique emphasis on meditation and focus, pushing students to be aware of their surroundings and teaching them to concentrate on the most important aspects of an altercation even in a heated boxing bout or boxing match or competitive situation.

Class Schedule

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Adults Karate (Ages 13+)

Competitive Edge Karate Adults Karate (Ages 13+)

Adults Karate

Our Adults Karate program at Competitive Edge Karate is designed to provide a wide range of physical and mental benefits tailored to the needs of grown-ups. Karate offers a comprehensive workout that improves strength, flexibility, and endurance, helping adults maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Beyond the physical aspect, our classes offer stress relief and mental clarity, allowing participants to reduce anxiety and improve focus through disciplined training.

Karate also cultivates essential life skills like self-discipline, self-confidence, and respect, fostering personal growth and character development. Our experienced instructors ensure that the curriculum accommodates various fitness levels and individual goals, making it accessible to everyone, whether you’re starting your martial arts journey or seeking to further refine your skills. With Adults Karate at Competitive Edge Karate, you’ll not only enhance your physical well-being but also experience personal empowerment and a renewed sense of vitality, making it a fantastic choice for adults looking to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life. Join us today to begin your transformative journey.

Adults Taekwondo (Ages 13+)

Competitive Edge Karate Adults Taekwondo (Ages 13+)

Adults Taekwondo

Adults Taekwondo at Competitive Edge Karate is a dynamic and transformative program that offers numerous benefits to individuals of all ages. Beyond the physical aspect, our Adult Taekwondo classes provide a powerful combination of fitness, stress relief, and self-defense skills. Participants not only improve their flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular health but also experience reduced stress levels and enhanced mental focus through disciplined training.

Our experienced instructors tailor the curriculum to suit each adult’s unique fitness level and goals, ensuring that everyone can progress at their own pace. Whether you’re a beginner looking to embark on a new fitness journey or an experienced martial artist seeking to refine your skills, our Adults Taekwondo program at Competitive Edge Karate offers a holistic approach to self-improvement and personal growth, making it an ideal choice for adults seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Join us today to unlock your full potential.

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