September 2023

A child beating up on each other has always been a problem since the school system first started. Many children in school today just don’t have the physical capability to deal with a larger student who picks on them. This leads to that student not wanting to attend school each day. The student knows the other classmate will bully them. They want to avoid the situation. That student’s school grades can suffer because of anxiety from being bullied by a larger student.


This must change for the student to attend school to learn. Until the parents take action, the student who is bullied will remain afraid. Enrolling your child into a martial arts system is the first positive step you can do for the child.


How Self-Defense Can Help Your Child

Learning how to defend yourself can change the way you approach problems dealing with all issues of life. Enrolling your child into a Tae Kwon Do academy can influence major changes to health, mind and physical ability. The training they will receive will build their confidence ability.


Several months into training in a class can boost your child’s mental and emotional health. As they progress with the skill, they will become able to defend themselves against anyone. The effort your child puts into class participation and training is the key goal of learning the skills of martial arts.


Children can enroll in most of the fighting arts to gain the confidence and skills needed to defend against bullies. They get to work with other participants in the class in a controlled atmosphere. It helps them build socialization skills to stop avoiding others. A child enrolled in the class can develop lifelong relationships with others that have dealt with similar problems in the past.


Your child will be more confident after several months of training in self-defense. As they progress through training, they will receive a higher belt level for the skills that they achieve. The philosophy instilled for students participating in self-defense will take them to levels far above those that never studied. The fighting arts are more than just learning a combative skill because it teaches a way of life in each field of study.


How Parents Can Help Their Children

You have a voice to help your children that are dealing with school bullying. Go to the school to discuss the situation with the faculty on how they can help solve the problem. If that doesn’t help, enroll them into a self-defense class for the child’s protection.


Talk to your children about school activities when you feel they are anxious or have anxiety issues about attending school. Children will seldom tell their parents that someone is picking on them in the school system. This is something within most children that they won’t inform a parent about because it could be embarrassing.


A child might be ashamed of being bullied. They may be afraid their parents will inform the school to make it more difficult to attend classes. Explain to your child why you feel that they need to inform the school about what is happening to them.


Your child could be picked on from disabilities. Size and weight can influence how other students view your children in school. One bully can choose several victims in school to toy with. Race can play a role in school bullying. These are things to consider when discussing problems your children are having attending school.


Parental Self-defense Strategies to Help Children Cope

Attending martial art classes can help your children in so many ways above learning how to defend their physical bodies. You can be a voice in helping your child succeed during those difficult times of attending school. You may have to attend some self-defense classes to learn how to help your children. You are their role model.


Teach your children to be aware of all surroundings. This is an important life-skill that many adults are unaware of. Awareness of what is happening around you at all times is the key to staying safer in an unsafe world.


Talk to your child about courage. Teach them that it takes more discipline to walk away from a situation. Any fighting art is all about how those who take it can find ways to avoid a bad situation. Self-defense classes will teach your children this but you play an important role in addressing it to them.


Talk to your children about how they feel. Things associated with school and daily life should be addressed in this conversation. Ask them about how martial arts class is going after they have studied for several months. Attitudes should improve as they move on in classes. Motivational skills will improve. Confidence will become better as they continue training. Physical ability with knowledge will ultimately help them avoid bully situations in time.


Be The Motivation Your Children Need

Your children can learn how to be a fighting force by attending self-defense classes. You must realize that learning a fighting art is about self-protection from harm. Never tell your child to punch someone in the mouth. Avoid any conversation that lets your child know it will be fine to hit another student. Your role as a parent is to help your children cope with the nasty problems they may deal with daily.


School bullying is more than a physical issue. They can bully by words and simple actions. A threatening nature by a school bully can intimidate your children. The fighting arts can develop your children with the ability to protect and defend others. Your job as a parent is to be their role model as a Mom or Dad.


What your child does in and out of the schooldays all goes back to how you have taught them during their young lives. You must be their leader and motivator throughout their younger ages as children. Taking a self-defense course along with your children can help give you the skills needed for them to succeed. You can learn the same teachings that the classes will instill in your child forever.


Martial art training can take your children a long way in life. They could grow from a young age into adults to teach classes on their own. The training could lead to them wanting to go into the military. So many things that they could make a career out of are positive results from the martial art training they receive.


Sometimes, a child needs the supervision of a parent shown as an example. You can take those steps by starting to be their ultimate role model. Show them how much you care by enrolling with them at a martial art school during the near future.